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Kamakura Adventures (Part 1)

The ride to Kamakura was pretty hectic because it was far away from the city. Nevertheless, it was still manageable because trains in Japan are so aesthetically made comfortable. Their mode of transportation is one thing I have always dreamed for the Philippines to have. Can it happen? Maybe.

Kamakura definitely has one of the creamiest macha ice cream. While roaming around the street, don't ever leave without tasting their ice cream. This is to save you from heat and because I said so. Trust me. 

First stop was The Great Buddha - Kotoku-in. It was amazing to see this structure. It had been destroyed two times by the storm and rebuild again.  It is a really huge monument. You can also make a wish at the base. 

A music box shop by the street on the way to Hasedera Temple (if I remember correctly) . Stop by this place and listen to some adorable tunes. The music box are really out of this world (they even have Arashi tunes!!).. well, if only I had money that time I would have bought one. Prices were around 6,000 yen~15,000 yen.

If you are on a budget, just stop by this souvenir shop instead. I bought a key chain myself of The Great Buddha and it was only around 300 yen.

I actually bought all the souvenirs I brought home in this place (because it was pretty cheap !!) This was in Komachi Street. 

PS : This blogpost shall be a series! I'm gonna experiment on the settings of the photos I took through lightroom. Let me know what you think in the comment box below about this post. 

Love, always. 


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