Kamakura Adventures (Part2)

As mentioned on my previous post, I'm trying to experiment with hues and saturation at lightroom with the photos I took in Hase-dera. I actually quite like it... so I will probably be doing this for the rest of my photographic exploits.

We went to Hase-dera temple after visiting Kotoku-in Temple. The place is a haven for photographers because of the authentic temples and also during our visit, the hydrangeas were in full bloom. 

You actually have to hike to see all the beauty of this place because it belongs to a hill. It's really a good day trip because you  can enjoy nature. It also has underground temple called the Benten-Kutsu Cave (don't expect photos here though because my camera does not function well on low light ; it's disrespectful to use flash because the place was very solemn)

While going up, you'll see all these different statues and shinto shrines.

Right before reaching the top, you can make wishes here at Kakigari Inari Shrine.

When you reach the top of the hike, you'll see the beauty of the place and Sagami Bay.  I used to only see this kind of view in Japanese movies...

It's just so cool how every houses and building seems to be color coordinated with the ocean. This is probably one of the favorite photos I took during our trip.

then... when you're feeling tired from the hike, you can chill at the main place where all these temples belong and a little park overviewing Kamakura prefecture.

They even have cooling steam (notice that smoky thing on this picture on the left) , because we went there during summer.

What a beautiful place... you can't have this anywhere else but Japan.

Love, always.


  1. Wow, this place looks incredible. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and adventure! I like the edits - I try to understand Lightroom but it's so confusing to me. I usually just edit photos on the Photos app on my Mac - for light / brightness / contrast and such. And any hardcore editing on Photoshop.

    Also thanks for your lovely comment :) Thanks for following!


  2. Mmnnn Allllll the temples! I was visiting Japan in the spring, and we went through sooooo many shrines and temples... After a while they all started to look the same. Lol. I love the photo of the water and homes! My grandmother lives on top of a mountain by Biwa-ko near Kyoto, and view from her house looks like that! So beautiful!


  3. Feels like it's such a tranquil place to visit!