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Twenty Seventeen was definitely a beautiful disaster.

It was a year of being lost into the wilderness and finding yourself back home. First half of the year was pretty much mundane and eventful at the same time. I started going to local indie music events. Discovered Ang Bandang Shirley + Tom Story (probably already listened a hundred times to their music ; showers, travels, private time, sleeping... you name it hahaha). Managing my time while working (on a shifting schedule). 

After a while of working, I eventually quit my first job of being a microbiologist. Mainly because I wasn't entirely happy with the my work environment (production). Not my workmates or anything but the entirety of what I am doing. I love microbiology, I really do. I realized I liked studying them and discovering things. I'm not really the type to enjoy routine task regarding my field of study. I have always wanted excitement - whatever it is. 

On top of that, my visa for going to Japan to be with my mom got approved so I immediately booked a plane ticket. I stayed in Tokyo for about a month. That was the longest vacation I've ever had with my mom. It was so worth it. 

Then I went back here in my homecountry. Applied for jobs I didn't really wanted to do - all because I've been too afraid to be a disappointed and a bum in the family. And the the twist - I've been rejected to the jobs I applied for. Lol. Interviews were a great experience though. So I'm still thankful for the opportunities. I always get interviewed but not get hired. They probably sensed I don't really wanna work for them. 

More depressing things happened in the month of October-November. But it was also the time that I leaned to God and my faith for him grew even MORE. He just saved me from the pit of darkness and I saw the light. The real purpose of my life have been found........ I was home. 

My past self wouldn't even believed where I am now and what I am doing with my life.I am sure she will be proud.I have grown more, and I like seeing different perspective now. There's so much more to life than being just one thing. 

God has a plan for all of us. Let your life be directed by Him and everything will fall in the right place. Never stop dreaming and keep your faith. 

Whoever you are that is reading this, I just wanna say Thank You for being part of such an amazing year. I wish you all the best this 2018.

Happy New Year, folks! 


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